Remote Visits $59

MedFast Care is now offering remote visits at all of our locations. We accept insurance for remote visits. If you are paying by credit card the discounted rate is $59. Should you be instructed to see one of our medical providers the charge will be refunded at the time of visit.

Discount Coupon Cards

Our Pharmacy Discount Cards can help save you money on your prescriptions. It is great option for our self-pay patients, and patients who have high deductibles or high copays.

  • Save up to 80% on prescription medications
  • Accepted by most major pharmacies, including, but not limited to: CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, and more.
  • FREE to our patients. You can pick up a pharmacy discount card, at any of our 12 locations.

Sample Card

Medfast Discount Pharmacy Card