TeleHealth Visits $110

MedFast Urgent Care is offering TeleHealth visits. Call 321-MEDFAST, to schedule. We accept insurance. If you are paying by credit card the discounted rate is $110. Should you be instructed to see one of our medical providers the charge will be refunded at the time of visit.

MedFast is Brevard County’s Largest Urgent Care Network, Treat Most Patients In Less Than an Hour

MedFast is Brevard County’s Largest Urgent Care Network, Treat Most Patients In Less Than an Hour

WATCH: Where should you go when you or a family member gets sick or injured? Medfast Urgent Care with 14 convenient locations all across Brevard is open from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. every day. Rebecca Fagan, APRN, who works atthe Titusville Medfast West office, located at 3045 Columbia Boulevard in Titusville, talks about sore throats and strep versus mono.


Medfast Urgent Care Centers: Professional Urgent Healthcare, Without the Long Wait! All MedFast’s Urgent Care Centers are professionally staffed and fully equipped to deal with any minor emergency, but much more quickly and conveniently.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – MedFast Urgent Care  Almost everyone at one time or another, has ended up visiting a hospital emergency room for treatment of a minor emergency.

In most ERs the experience is one of the frustratingly long wait times to be seen, sometimes taking up to five or six hours in some busy ERs. On top of that, there are extremely high costs associated with hospital ER visits.


Treat Most Patients In Less Than An Hour

This situation has led to the recent development of medical Urgent Care Clinics as a sensible alternative for minor emergencies and other needs, such as physicals and lab work.

MedFast’s doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, treat most patients in less than an hour.

MedFast Urgent Care Centers were established to serve these needs.

All MedFast’s Urgent Care Centers are professionally staffed and fully equipped to deal with any minor emergency, but much more quickly and conveniently.

In fact, the doctors, nurses and physicians at our urgent care walk-in clinics see and treat most patients in less than an hour. All of this is provided in an environment where you will always feel you receive personal care and attention.

MedFast treats patients with an above-average level of respect and care is of the highest importance to their doctors and staff at their Urgent Care Centers.

MedFast understands how frustrating it can be to wait all those hours at the ER only to have the doctor finally see you, and spend five minutes or less with you. MedFast doctors truly care and take the necessary amount of time to assess your situation as quickly as possible to ensure proper treatment that lets you know you are cared for.

Less Expensive Than Hospital Emergency Rooms

Because MedFast has much lower overhead than huge hospitals, MedFast is less expensive than hospital emergency rooms. You really can beat the high cost of healthcare at MedFast Urgent Care Medical Centers.

As one of MedFast’s patients, you get your money’s worth for visits, tests, and procedures. MedFast Medical Centers are well equipped and prepared to handle a wide variety of minor emergencies and non-life-threatening illnesses.

MedFast offers laboratory testing on-site, along with x-ray, urinalysis, EKG’s and Respiratory Testing. No need to go to the ER and suffer through those dreadful wait times, let our doctors care for you in your time of critical need. Our centers also are equipped to handle a variety of minor procedures on site.

MedFast Provides Fast, High-Quality Treatment

When you have a minor emergency, work-related injury, or simply need a physical, MedFast Urgent Care Clinics will suit your needs quickly, professionally and affordability.

MedFast Urgent Care Centers can save you valuable time and money. MedFast’s goal is to provide affordable, professional urgent healthcare.

With MedFast’s convenient hours, there’s no need to leave work early or arrive late because of a doctor appointment. So call or come in today to a location nearest you, we have multiple facilities throughout Brevard County.

The doctors and staff at MedFast Urgent Care Centers understand that emergencies happen. Symptoms of illnesses don’t wait for ‘regular’ business hours, they strike at inconvenient times.

That’s a main reason MedFast centers offer extended hours 7 days a week. Emergency Room visits can sometimes take longer on weekends, no need to get stuck waiting a long amount of time for care and attention you deserve in less than half the time.

MedFast is open seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. to serve your healthcare needs.