TeleHealth Visits $89

MedFast Urgent Care is offering TeleHealth visits. Call 321-MEDFAST, to schedule. We accept insurance. If you are paying by credit card the discounted rate is $89. Should you be instructed to see one of our medical providers the charge will be refunded at the time of visit.


Gastritis is the medical term used to describe irritation of the stomach or upper abdomen. Gastritis doesn't always present with clear signs and symptoms, but if you've ever had indigestion or an upset stomach, you've had a form of gastritis. Most cases of gastritis are short-lived, resolve themselves, and don't require medical care.

Signs and symptoms of gastritis include:

  • An unusual feeling of fullness after eating
  • A burning feeling, or ache or pain in the upper abdomen
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

When to see a doctor

  • See a doctor if you have had symptoms of gastritis for more than a week
  • If you are vomiting blood, see blood in your stools or your stools have dark black areas in them, see your doctor immediately to evaluate and determine the cause

Medfast Urgent Care Centers offer fast, professional medical treatment for gastritis. Our average wait time to see patients is less than an hour, compared to Hospital Emergency Rooms, which can sometimes take longer than three to four hours and are much more expensive. We are professionally staffed with highly-skilled, licensed doctors and nurses, and fully equipped to handle testing and treatment for gastritis.